Join me in Downtown Orlando as I unveil my FIRST EVER solo photography exhibition!

The T-MINUS 10 exhibit features 10 of my favorite rocket launch photos from the past 10 years! (see what I did there?)

CHAT-GPT had some very nice (and completely over-the-top) marketing-speak things to say about the exhibit:

Prepare to be transported to the forefront of space exploration as Steven Madow showcases his collection of ten extraordinary photographs capturing the sheer power and spectacle of rocket launches. Each image captures the raw energy and breathtaking beauty that accompanies these awe-inspiring events. Marvel at the intense flames, billowing smoke, and the sheer force propelling these incredible machines into space.

Come hang out with me, take a selfie, and view these images 250 times larger than you can see them on your tiny phone screen!


Opening Night: June 17th from 5-7pm


The Conduit Gallery @ CREDO Conduit
1001 N. Orange Ave, Orlando, FL, Earth